Strength Camp HQ

3608 Morris Street, St. Petersburg, FL 33713

(727) 826-0815


What is Strength Camp?

The Strength Camp Mission is… We have a relentless commitment to growing stronger every day, and we empower our brothers and sisters to also strive towards becoming the strongest version of themselves.

We grow stronger, and empower others to grow stronger. Period.
This is the central point of our work. Everything that we do is an echo of this commitment.

Our VISION is how we intend to make this mission a reality. It is the HOW, in our minds-eye, we will accomplish our mission.



STRENGTH CAMP METHOD is our one of a kind Online and offline fitness education, namely, conducting in-person and online fitness classes; Online and offline fitness training services, namely, fitness training provided in-person and via the internet

Strength is of body, mind, and soul. At Strength Camp, we help grow stronger bodies… and we also aim to honor your wholeness. We want our members to be “The Strongest Version Of Themselves”; beginning with the body. Our three-step training process begins with:

Better Posture, Performance, and Longevity We always begin our training phases and daily routines with a healthy dose of joint mobility, flexibility and various dynamic warm-ups. This allows us to address any joint immobility or muscle imbalances you may unknowingly have. A specialized dynamic warm-up always precedes our vigorous workouts.

Stronger Core, Lean Muscle and Functional Strength Whether your goal is to burn fat, build muscular shoulders, or slam dunk a basketball, you will need to get stronger. More strength means that you’ll have a firmer, more shapely and vibrant body. You’ll have a body that can overcome any physical force, and looks great to-boot.

Fat Loss, Athleticism, Your Specific Goal Attainment “Human beings perform best, when they are trying to attain a goal — no matter what it may be.” – Earl Nightingale

Like I said before, we want our members to be the “Strongest Version Of THEMSELVES.” We want you to be the author and hero in your own story. You have a unique reason for being a member at Strength Camp… and we honor that by helping you uncover your hidden strengths and abilities.

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