5 Tips to Stay on Track Over the Holidays

It’s holiday season – and that means lots of turkey,
and even more pie.

Did you know people, on average, gain anywhere from
5-10 pounds over the months of November and December?

Yes, that 5-10 pounds that was relatively hard for you
to lose can easily creep back onto you in the time
between Thanksgiving and New Years.

Fortunately, there are a few ways you can enjoy yourself
over the holidays and STILL stay on track to reach your fitness goals!

1. Don’t skip any workouts!

Since you’ll be eating a lot more food than usual, it’s time to
put that food to good use and fuel your #gainz in the gym. Make
an effort to keep a routine workout schedule. Even if you’re traveling,
you can still do at-home workouts or go for a walk/run with your family
members – so there really is NO excuse.

Also, ditch the “all or nothing” mindset when it comes to working out,
especially over the holidays. Just because you can’t make it to a 1-hour
Strength Camp class doesn’t mean you can’t go for a 20-minute run,
do some circuit training, or even just walk on your own!

P.S. Strength Camp is open on Thursday (Thanksgiving) and Friday from
8-10 a.m. for Open Gym, along with our regularly scheduled Saturday
morning 8 a.m. class – so come get a workout in before (and after!) indulging this week.

2. Drink lots of water before, during and after your Thanksgiving meal.

A lot of times, we mistake thirst for hunger – meaning we think we are
hungry but we are actually just thirsty. When you wake up, drink at least
two full glasses of water. Before your big meal, chug some water. During
your meal, drink water. After your meal, drink more water. See a theme here?

Before you go back for thirds, try drinking a glass of water and waiting
a few minutes – that should help you feel fuller!

3. Scope out your favorite dishes first.

I don’t know about you, but I get pretty disappointed when I plan to splurge
and don’t end up liking what I’m eating. Before indulging on Thanksgiving – think
about what you will really ENJOY eating, and don’t just eat for the sake of eating.
(Sorry, stale Publix cookies – Hello, Grandma’s homemade pie you can only eat once per year!)

Save yourself for the “good” stuff, not the stuff that you can have any other day of the week.

4. Fill up on proteins and greens.

By no means am I saying that holidays are about restriction, and they shouldn’t be!
But in order to not feel overly stuffed (aka needing to be rolled out of the house
after the party is over), you can save a lot of space in your stomach by filling up
on protein (turkey, ham, etc.) and whatever greens are available.

Then, enjoy a bit of what you REALLY want, as mentioned in Tip #3.

Side note: if you’re not sure there will be any healthy options available at
your Thanksgiving feast, bring your own dish!

5. Go for a walk!

This goes along with #1, but get up and get movin’ AFTER your Turkey Day
meal. The worst thing to do is just sit around when you’re stuffed – so get your
family and friends together and see if anyone wants to go for a walk around the block.
Or, encourage them to play a game of football together, rather than just sitting
around and watching TV all afternoon.

6. BONUS TIP! Enjoy Yourself 🙂

At the end of the day, please enjoy yourself and don’t worry too much about
being perfect. Just as it didn’t take ONE day for you to lose 5-10 pounds, it won’t
take one day to gain 5-10 pounds.

Use these tips to stay in control and be mindful as you’re eating, and focus your
energy on good conversation with family and friends, as opposed to just eating as
much food as you can and regretting it later.

We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

See you at Open Gym Thursday and Friday 8-10 a.m.

Grow Stronger,

Strength Camp Team

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