Strength Camp Members Survey

Hey there!

All of us at Strength Camp just wanted to pop in
and tell you how much we appreciate you.

Because of you, our gym is growing.

Because of you, we look forward to coming to “work” every day.

Because of you, we’re always looking for ways to improve,
get better and grow stronger as coaches, friends and mentors.

Whether you’ve been coming to Strength Camp for a while
or you’re brand spankin’ new… we’d love to hear about
your experience.

By taking this survey — you can let us know just how much
you love Strength Camp. OR, if you notice anything you’d
like to see improved in the gym, we are 100% open to
your suggestions on how we can make Strength Camp
the greatest place in the world!

With your honest opinion, Strength Camp will continue
to grow into the place we envision it to be — a place
where you can come to get stronger physically, but also
leave and grow stronger emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


Help us, help YOU, on your mission to grow stronger
by taking just a few minutes to fill out this completely
anonymous survey

We love and appreciate you!

The Strength Camp Team

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