TOMORROW – Party it Up for Strength Camp’s Anniversary

Hey Strength Camp Studs!

One year ago this month Strength Camp went from a tiny
little space on Haines Rd. to our awesome new 8,000 sq ft
headquarters that YOU visit every week.


We did it…. so, let’s party 🙂

Here’s the deal:

Tomorrow at 2pm — you, me and all of our sexy, strong and steadfast
Strength Camp studs are gonna get crunk (and maybe a little drunk)
at Head Coach Chris’ crib.

4742 Dover St. North St. Petersburg FL

As you know, we hit it super hard on Saturday mornings here at the
gym…. so you’re probably gonna be pretty hungry.

So, we’re gonna have a feast!

Protein, carbs, fats and all your macros will be fulfilled when you
join us for our celebration… but feel free to bring some mo’

Mo’ food.

Mo’ drinks.

Mo’ fun.

Mo’ friends.

We’re excited to have you join us, so don’t feel pressure to bring anything
but we’ll receive with open hands 🙂

We work hard… and we also party hard.

What’s the point of putting in work if you can’t enjoy… so we’ll be
doing a lot of enjoying each other, together, having fun.

One team.

One family.

Strength Camp Crew sticks together 🙂

Tomorrow at Chris’s house from 2pm until the after-party 😉

See you tomorrow,
Strength Camp Crew

PS – if you have any questions just hit up Chris on Facebook.

You ARE a part of our Facebook Group… right?

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